To BEST BODY in your history.

Personal Training Studio

3rd Anniversary Campaign underway!

(The event will be held until the end of September)

You can choose where to train.
You can continue to do so without difficulty!

Go to your home condominium
We will come to your home free of charge!

Phrom Phong and Thonglor area.
Fully equipped gym available for visitors!

Marche Thonglor 5M Floor, FIRST LANDING in Thailand!

Opened dark boxercise SPLASH BOX in September!

Dedicated to BANFI in SPLASH BOX
Personal gym to be established!

If you join both SPLASH BOX cardio exercise and BANFI,
You can expect to save even more money and shape up more effectively!

First trial & body analysis 1 hour free!


Get your ideal body

By understanding your body and setting goals and ideal body shape,
Everything changes, including training content, diet, and lifestyle.

Gone are the days of blindly training and dieting just to lose weight.
Come work with us to get your own ideal body!

Why training and dieting don’t last,
It is because it is “painful,” “ineffective,” “boring,” and above all, because I don’t know how to do it.

The BANFI way is “seriously tough” because it does not compromise on body building.
More than that, you will experience the “most enjoyable” feeling of being transformed.


fee system

First-time personal training

Usually 1600THB (160P)

First Trial & Body Analysis
One hour free!

point system

BANFI has introduced a system that allows students to purchase points to take lessons.

Point Purchase Fee Acquisition point

*Maximum 500p gift for membership during the 3rd anniversary campaign!

Points consumed for each training

Lesson Content Per Session Consumption Points
One-on-One Lesson
Group session (2-3 people)
Online training (30 minutes)
Group/Company Lessons

First trial & body analysis 1 hour free!

data analysis

Measurement and analysis with a body composition analyzer

We offer free measurement and analysis with a body composition analyzer to all personal training clients every time they receive personal training.

In order to build a menu tailored to each individual, we use a body composition analyzer that can measure with high precision.
Height, weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and visceral fat level are accurately measured. Not only does this allow us to create a personalized menu for each individual, but it also improves motivation because the results of training can be seen in numbers.

Completely free of charge! Easy management of measurement results on your smartphone

By downloading a dedicated application on your smartphone, you can easily manage and view measurement data!

Application cannot be downloaded on tablet devices.


What is my ideal body?


healthy body
lean body
model body

Body fat percentage: 15% to 17%
To a moderately lean body shape.

muscle enlargement
in bodybuilding body shape

Body fat percentage: 10% to 14%
Increase muscle size for a more attractive body.

moderate muscle
beautiful slim body

Body fat percentage: 25% to 20%
For a beautiful, well-defined body shape.

model body

Body fat percentage: 19% to 15%
For people who really want to change.


Exclusive personal trainer for BANFI


Yoshiyuki Nakano, Representative of BANFI

Personal trainer at a training gym in Tokyo for 7 years

Born in Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Cooking, basketball, baseball

A motto: “In the beginning, people make habits, then habits make people.

~John Dryden~.

When you change your look, you change your life!

At Banfi, we create a menu that fits your current needs. We will create a plan to build your body for the near future. Even if you have no experience with weight training in the gym, we will create a habit for you to train by yourself!
We look forward to meeting your challenge.



2 years of Muay Thai teaching experience and 2 years of personal coaching experience


Customer Testimonials

52 years old male
52 years old malecompany management
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I had repeatedly signed up for gyms and skipped them, but BANFI came to my home and supported me on line and other ways when I was having a hard time, and I have been doing it for more than 2 months now. I am gradually changing my appearance, and for the first time, I am enjoying training.
28 years old, female
28 years old, femaleproprietor
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I hadn't exercised in a long time, so my stomach was bloated and I was short of breath as soon as I moved. Inspired by an employee, I decided to make a serious effort to improve my body and registered with BANFI. I was taught the basics of the basics, and now I am able to train by myself and training has become a habit.
33 years old, married couple
33 years old, married coupleHousewife Company employee
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I registered for online training in Japan and took it occasionally, but stopped because I did not see any benefit. BANFI not only came online but also traveled to my place, and furthermore, they taught me how to train for my body type and how to make my legs thinner, and it actually worked. It is really nice for housewives not to have to go out! Group lessons with my husband are also a good refresher for us as we are constantly laughing throughout the class. LOL!

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The essence of personal training is to bring out 100% of your body’s potential. It is essential to have a trainer who has the skills to “assess” the most effective “menu structure,” “strength control suited to the individual,” and “accurate movements” including these. This is the strength of BANFI.

We will not provide guidance that drastically restricts the amount of food or calories. Many people do not know that the “beautiful body” and “toned body” that you generally aspire to cannot be created by simple calorie restriction or carbohydrate restriction. Even if you can limit calories and carbohydrates on your own, you will inevitably tend to lack the nutrition you need to take to avoid rebounding and to keep your body in line. We guide you to your goals in the shortest time possible with dietary guidance that suits your needs, goals, and constitution.

A. Most beginners will lose motivation if they do not see clearly visible results in 3 months. The element that changes the body in 3 months is not frequency or exercise time, but rather how quickly the body is “stimulated” with techniques to show results. Progress in effectiveness does not follow on its own, but is adjusted by us according to the time frame. BANFI’s motto is “You can train on your own in the future. We will provide you with the guidance you need to achieve this.

A. Yes. Some women often worry that they will always become lumpy and bulky after training, but there is no need to worry about this. At BANFI, we provide an individualized menu for each customer to achieve their ideal body shape. Training is also essential to lose weight and look beautiful, so we confidently recommend our services to women who want to lose weight and men who want to slim down.

A. To be honest, your body will not change just by training once a week for one hour. However, BANFI’s weekly training includes guidance and support on effective training methods and dietary advice, and from there, your body will gradually change through self-training and diet management at your home gym. One of the advantages of taking personal training is that you can expand your repertoire of training methods and use it as support for your self-training.

First trial & body analysis 1 hour free!

Habits are created. Life changes.


BANFI can respond to all of your various requests,

With full tailor-made & completely private training,

We will help you achieve your ideal body and lifestyle.


BANFI Company Profile

NameBANFI Personal Studio.
RepresentativeYoshiyuki Nakano
head office

KBM International Co.,Ltd.

Marche Thonglor 5M Floor ,150 Thong Lo Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Establishment dateAugust 15, 2020
capital stock5,000,000 THB
Business Activities

On-site personal training business

Online Training Business

Life Consulting Business

Health Drink Business

affiliated company

operating company:KBM International Co.,Ltd.

Affiliated Company:WALC Design Co.,ltd.

First trial & body analysis 1 hour free!